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Here’s to the Dads

With just a week away until Father’s Day, we wanted to dedicate this blog post to all the Dads out there.  And cider-in-hand, we’re sharing some thoughts on fatherhood and some thank yous to the Dads, including our own!  At Apple County, Ben is both cider-maker and father.  We are very proud of his achievements as award-winning cider and perry-maker but also of his role as Daddy to our son Francis. Continue reading Here’s to the Dads

Lifting the Golden Fork for Wales!

Great Taste awards are a big deal for food and drink producers.   You can’t bluff your way through based on reputation.  You can’t hide behind the best looking packaging.  Great Taste awards are blind-tasted, and judged by over 400 of the most demanding palates as belong to a host of food critics, chefs, cooks, expert producers, food writers and journalists. Continue reading Lifting the Golden Fork for Wales!

Craft and Graft – Making Cider at Apple County

Cider-making is an honest mix of craft and graft. You need patience, and a meticulous approach to quality. Working on a farm in all weathers, a sense of humour often helps too. But blue-skied blossom days, or observing a quiet smile and nod of appreciation when someone tastes your product, provide immense reward.

Continue reading Craft and Graft – Making Cider at Apple County