A Golden Day at The Welsh Cider and Perry Festival

Take 90 pure juice ciders and perries. Add a generous measure of sunshine. Serve up with live music in a beautiful setting. And you have a recipe for a great cider festival!

The Welsh Cider and Perry festival is always a highlight on the Apple County calendar. And this year was no disappointment. The organisers welcomed more than 3000 cider fans over 4 days, reaching capacity early on the Saturday. The festival takes place near Chepstow within the walls of Caldicot Castle – a stunning, historic backdrop to a lovely relaxed event. Continue reading A Golden Day at The Welsh Cider and Perry Festival

Here’s to the Dads

With just a week away until Father’s Day, we wanted to dedicate this blog post to all the Dads out there.  And cider-in-hand, we’re sharing some thoughts on fatherhood and some thank yous to the Dads, including our own!  At Apple County, Ben is both cider-maker and father.  We are very proud of his achievements as award-winning cider and perry-maker but also of his role as Daddy to our son Francis. Continue reading Here’s to the Dads