Here’s to the Dads

With just a week away until Father’s Day, we wanted to dedicate this blog post to all the Dads out there.  And cider-in-hand, we’re sharing some thoughts on fatherhood and some thank yous to the Dads, including our own!  At Apple County, Ben is both cider-maker and father.  We are very proud of his achievements as award-winning cider and perry-maker but also of his role as Daddy to our son Francis.

Francis proudly helping collect apples last autumn
Francis proudly helping collect apples last autumn

Francis is only 2 years old. His Daddy means just everything to him. Francis loves living on a farm with apple orchards to play in and plenty of real-life tractors to match those in his favourite books. If you ask him what does Daddy do, he says “Cider!” If you ask him how he makes it, he says “Apples!” He is obsessed with his Daddy’s forklift truck which Ben is busy using at the moment to move the heavy cider vats around ready to rack off.

A 2 year old Forklift-fanatic, all Francis wants to do is sit on the forklift with his Daddy to beep the horn and turn the wheel. He is enthusiastic to learn “what’s that?” and “what’s that?” for all the different forklift parts.

Ben loves taking Francis down to the Skenfrith castle, paddling and throwing stones in the river. These are the Huckleberry Finn adventures that every young boy should have with his Dad. And vice versa.

You can’t beat the best parts of being a parent. This new little person day by day revealing their growing character, watching them grow and learn and absorb stuff. Being such an important part of their world is an unrivalled privilege. It makes us smile to hear Francis trying out new words for size and coming out with the funniest little phrases in the process. Or when he shows his appreciation for Ben’s music with some manic toddler-dancing.

But the most rewarding things in life are never easy and being Dad has its tough moments. It can be… exhausting! So for all the Dad’s out there, get yourself a lovely cool cider and take a moment. You deserve it.

Ben tells us his dream father’s day treat would be to watch the Grand Prix in silence with a cold cider in hand. And our comprehensive scientific research (well asking a few Dad friends on Facebook) revealed some common themes on the Father’s Day wish list:
– a bit of quiet
– a chance to enjoy their favourite thing in peace
– a refreshing drink to enjoy this with!

mixed-bottles-w500h640We can’t help you out with the silence. Unless of course you want to send the Dad in your life for a stroll through our peaceful orchards. And every Dad will have a different pastime that would choose to indulge in, given the opportunity. But whether your Dad is reaching for his book, or yearns to watch sport in peace, have time to assemble something complex in the shed, or head out on his bike; in our experience, all kinds of time-out are enhanced with a nice cool cider.

If your Dad deserves a treat this Father’s Day you can’t go wrong with a mixed case of our award-winning sparkling cider. Or for something a more old school appeal how about one of our popular carry kegs filled with your Dad’s choice of our medium or medium dry farmhouse style still cider.

Order by Midnight Wednesday for delivery by Saturday or treat your Dad to a trip out to visit us in Apple County and let him choose for himself.

On Father’s Day, we’ll also be thinking of the Father’s that we miss and owe so much to.
So here’s to:

Howard, Steph’s late Dad – a harder worker with an awesome sense of humour – whose funny stories still cheer us.
Jimmy, Ben’s apple-growing Stepfather who set us out on this path at Apple County.

And to Ben, who Francis adores.

And to all the Dads out there.
We’re raising a glass to you – Happy Father’s Day!

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