13 of the best recipes for cooking with cider

Inspired by the our Vilberie braised chicken recipe in the inaugural Food Stories magazine, we’ve scoured the web for the very best and most delicious cider recipes to share with you.

Cider is a great alternative to a dry white wine in a lot of recipes, bringing lovely appley flavours to enhance meat and fish dishes. In the Apple County kitchen we find combining cider with some combination of cream, mustard,  and herbs can’ fail to produce a delicious sauce.  And a good glug of real cider helps create the most delicious pork gravy you could hope to get your snout in.

We’ve picked our shortlist of the most mouthwatering cider recipes covering everything from starters to mains and including a pudding. These recipes all fit with the Apple County ethos of getting the best natural flavours out of quality ingredients.

1. Caerphilly and Cider Welsh Rarebit

from: The Happy Foodie

2. Spiced Squash, Apple and Cider Soup

from: Riverford Organic Farmers

 2. French Onion Soup

from: Good Housekeeping

4. Steamed mussels with cider, spring onions and cream

from: BBC goodfood

5. Cider-braised chicken thighs with pearl barley, bacon, carrots and peas

from: delicious.

6. Chicken Normandy

from: olive

7. Roast Pork belly with apple cider gravy

from: Good Housekeeping

8. bangers braised in cider

from: Delia online

9. Salt pork belly with split pea purée and sauerkraut

from BBC goodfood

10. Cider-baked pork with apple and fennel

from: delicious.

11.  Rayeesa’s Cider, Apple and Tomato Chutney

from: Rayeesa’s Indian Kitchen

12. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Lamb Stew with Cider

from: the guardian

13.   Chunky apple, raisin, walnut and cider cake

from: delicious.

If you love cider,  we hope you’ll love these recipes.  And if you try them out in your own kitchen, we’d love to hear your verdict.

Don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of  cool, refreshing cider to quaff as you get busy in the kitchen.  Happy cooking!

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