apple blossom against blue sky

Blossomtime in Apple County

There’s a growing sense of excitment at this time of year as we watch and wait as tree by tree and row by row those first dark pink buds burst open.  Come and walk with us in our orchards at blossomtime.

view approaching Whitehouse Farm
Approaching Whitehouse Farm from Skenfrith

We have a 6 different tree varieties in our orchards, and their age and aspect mean that the magical transition steals upon them at different moments.

Spring Light through the trees
Morning light flooding through the orchard terraces with the trees just in leaf.

So walking the orchards at this time of year, we are always on the look out for the next tree that has burst into blossom.

A bough in bloom
A bough in bloom.
close up image of blossom
Blossom in the morning sun.

Walking through the apple trees enrobed in petals, feels like stepping out of time entirely. The clouds of soft petals, and the delicate sweet fragrance speak straight to the heart.  The perfect antidote to modern life if you’re feeling a little weary and jaded!

Rows of apple trees in blossom against a blue sky
There’s only one sight more lovely than an apple tree in blossom – rows and rows of apple trees in blossom!

Every year it feels like a celebration. Of spring. Of renewal. And for a cider-maker is a little glimpse into the future of the fruit and cider to come.

Apple orchards on the valley floor
Orchards on the Monnow valley floor.
Blossom against the blue sky
It’s still pretty nippy in the orchards in the morning but the blue sky couldn’t be bettered.

Blossomtime is late this year but reminds us that all good things are worth waiting for.  This week Ben will be racking off the cider which has been slowly fermenting since last autumn – over 6 months now!  He draws off the clear, fresh juice, free of sediment for the final-stage, malolactic fermentation to take place in new vats.  A transformation as magical as the blossom in our orchards, this secondary fermentation smooths out the flavour profile of the cider and brings out its honeyed depths.

View from the dandelions up into the canopy
Even the weeds looking magical in spring sunshine.
a tree in blossom looking like candy floss
Candy floss blossom!
View through blossom across the Monnow Valley
View through blossom across the Monnow Valley.
Plane trail in sky above blossom.
A plane trail, jetting off who knows where?

We think there’s nowhere lovelier than Apple County on a sunny day at this time of year.  Come and enjoy the delights of the blossom for yourself on our 3 mile Orchard Walk.

Footpath sign pointing to tree in blossom.
The blossom trail!
Orchard Walk signpost
Heading home, back to this year’s cider.

And the best part of a beautiful walk round the blossom?  Working up a thirst to enjoy a nice cool glass of this stuff.

Apple County Cider Co. bottle in the blossom tree.
If cider grew on trees…

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into our orchards at blossomtime.  Here’s to the start of a blue-skied cider summer!

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