Apple varieties. Apple County Cider

The Fruits of Our Labour…

With the launch of our new bag-in-boxes and some exciting new flavours to boot, we thought that for this blog we’d focus on traditional cider, or ‘Scrumpy’ as it’s sometimes known, and how you can enjoy it this May…

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Still or ‘traditional’ cider holds a certain amount of nostalgia; it has that ‘farm gate’ appeal that harks back to when it was traditionally produced to pay farm labourers. Originally farms would produce cider in the Autumn that would then be drunk by the workers the following year when they were working the land, particularly during the busy times of hay-making and harvest. Normally every labourer was given a daily allowance of cider, accepted as part of the weekly wage. Incidentally, our Ben still favours this form of payment for his own ‘wages’…

Rows of apple trees in blossom against a blue sky
There’s only one sight more lovely than an apple tree in blossom – rows and rows of apple trees in blossom.

Our vats full of delicious pressed apple juice from the 2016 crop have been bubbling away quietly over the winter months. Our still cider has a hazy appearance because we draw it straight form the vats, unlike our sparkling bottled ciders which are filtered and carbonated. We pasteurise them to ensure that the cider stays at its best until September, giving you plenty of time to savour it over the warm summer months!

Bag in a box
Bag in a box

The first of our new bag-in-box ciders, is our new medium sweet Yarlington Mill – a suave single variety cider with brandy aromas, deep mellow flavours and a creamy finish at 5.0%. Enjoy it like a fine wine; sip it and enjoy along with your favourite welsh cheese. We also have our estate single-variety, medium or medium-dry Dabinett, which recently made Pete Brown’s top 5 ciders from across the globe! Head over to our shop for your bag-inbox you can enjoy at home!

Apple varieties. Apple County Cider
Our sparkling Dabinett – Pete Brown’s favourite!

Back in the 1960s, Ben’s late step father, Jimmy, planted the first of our beautiful apple trees, which were later joined by rows of blackcurrant bushes. We were enjoying a sunny evening stroll on our through our orchards recently, and got to thinking… Wouldn’t it be marvelous if we could mix these two wonderful fruits together?! And so, our brand new blackcurrant cider was born! With the help of our friends at Pixley berries, we’ve blended fresh blackcurrant juice with 100% pure Dabinett juice to produce an authentic and deliciously rich drink. Truly a match made in heaven – here’s to you Jimmy!

bc label

Our traditional still cider, straight from the vat.
Our traditional still cider, straight from the vat.

As well as enjoying them at home, you can also find our scrumptious ciders out and about as the summer festival season kicks off…

For the urbanites, the Courtyard Festival by Green Man in King’s Cross, London is running from 25th – 29th May. There’ll be a range of ciders (and beer) from all over Wales, including, of course, our very own Blackcurrant, Dabinett and Yarlington Mill. Get your tickets head here.

If you’re more of a country bumpkin like us, the Welsh Perry and Cider festival is taking place from 26th – 29th May in the beautiful setting of Caldicot Castle in Monmouthshire. Drinks are served in thirds or halves to encourage people to try as many as possible (responsibly, of course..) Ben will be there judging the cider competition held on the Saturday morning! See you there!

First tastings of the cider straight from the vat
Our cider drawn straight from the vat.

So wherever it is you’ll be enjoying a traditional Apple County cider this May, we hope your first sip will have you ‘mmmmm-ing’ in agreement with Pete Brown. Cheers!

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