Gearing up for an egg-cellent Easter

Spring has officially sprung here at Apple County and the welsh countryside is looking glorious in the sunshine – the daffodils are out, the grass is green and luscious, and we can hear lambs calling out to their mothers in the nearby fields.

field lambs

orchards sun

Next weekend we’ll be spending time with lots of family and friends, enjoying Easter egg hunts and a traditional Easter Sunday roast dinner, as we’re sure many of you will! With that in mind, we thought we’d recommend some delicious, tried and tasted cider-based recipes.

 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipes never fail – Steph is always bringing out his books when she wants to lay out a tasty spread! A scrummy and rather refined one is his Easter Glazed Ham; this is a recipe that needs starting now to get ready in time for Sunday, as it involves curing your own ham but trust us, the results are worth the effort! The recipe recommends using a strong cider, like our Vilberie cider at 6%. You can find the full recipe here.

 If you don’t have quite as much time to prep, this recipe by Gordon Ramsay requires a little less time dedicating to it, but is just as delicious. His Cider and Honey Roast Leg of Lamb uses apples and cider that go beautifully with lamb, plus the apples break down during cooking and make a lovely thick sauce. For this one we’d recommend using our Dabinett Medium cider. For the full ingredients list and method head here.

lamb cider recipe

 Whether we’re going to our local butcher or the supermarket, we always make sure the meat we buy is free-range so that we know it’s had a happy life, and British reared to support our farmers. 

For the veggies out there, a really wonderful dish is rich roasted vegetables in cider sauce. This recipe uses a Medium-Dry vegetarian cider, so we’d recommend using our still cider which can be purchased either via our website, or at our on-site shop in Skenfrith. Our still ciders are not filtered so they’re still cloudy and 100% vegetarian. The recipe can be found here.

 And if you haven’t had quite enough sugar after polishing off all of your Easter eggs, we’ve found a cider-y twist on the classic bread and butter pudding. This one uses Bramley apples and medium cider, and can be served with either custard or cream (or, if you’re feeling really naughty, both). Full pudding recipe is here.

 If you’re heading off on some sunny springtime adventures instead of stuffing yourselves full of roast dinner and chocolate eggs – perhaps planning a road trip to the beach or finding a pretty spot for a picnic – why not grab a couple of bottles of our rhubarb or raspberry ciders? They’re 330 ml so the perfect size for packing in a backpack or picnic basket, and both made with 100% fruit juice, packed full of tart, fruity flavours.

Apple County fruit ciders
Apple County fruit ciders

 So, whatever it is you and your loved ones are up to together, we’re wishing you a very Happy Easter.

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