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NEW Fruit Cider marks official start of summer!

We’re celebrating summer, fruit and cider with 3 NEW ciders including very special summer fruit cider…

This is always an exciting time of year in Apple County.  After more than 6 months slowly developing and maturing, the cider has mellowed and rounded and is finally ready to drink and enjoy!

We load the cider vats onto a lorry and send them off to a local company who bottle it up for us.  The cider comes back to us as thousands of clinking bottles, all labelled up and ready to go for another year.  It’s a great feeling when we get them back on the farm.  And for us, it marks the official start of summer.

But this year we have special reason to be excited.   As we welcome 3 new ciders to our range.

NEW Yarlington Mill

This sparkling medium sweet cider quickly gained a cult following when we last made a small batch.  So we’re thrilled to bring it officially into the Apple County range this year.

The flavour is the most wine-like of all our ciders.  We’ve made it using 100% freshly pressed juice from locally grown bittersweet Yarlington Mill apples.  This vintage variety brings a distinguished character to the cider.  A rich brandy aroma is followed by a deep mellow flavour with a creamy finish.

We recommend enjoying this medium sweet cider with a creamy soft cheese like a lovely ripe Perl Wen.  But you can also use it to great effect in place of white wine in your cooking.  Try it in the fabulous Chicken Normandy recipe at Number 7 in our Best Cider Recipes post.

NEW Summery Fruit Cider

Nothing beats a long cool draft of real cider on a blue-skied summer day.  In Apple County, we think all things summer are enhanced with a splash of cider; whether picnics by the Monnow, watching Wimbledon on the TV, even BBQ’ing in the rain! With the right cider in our glass we bring our own sunshine!

And yet as cider-makers, we are conscious that cider apples are the fruits of autumn, gathered in long after summer days were left behind.  So to create a cider to really celebrate and taste of summer, our thoughts turned to summer fruits and produce.

We wanted to naturally enhance the heady fruit flavours we know and love in great cider, adding pure juice without compromise on quality.  The result is a re-imagining of what fruit cider could and should be.  By blending a real cider base with just the right amount of pure Raspberry or Rhubarb juice, we’ve created a drier and uniquely sophisticated drink.

So for a delicious taste of summer from Apple County, try:

Real Cider with Rhubarb

Rhubarb Fruit Cider

We’ve blended just the right amount of rhubarb juice from a local grower with our sparling 100% juice cider.  Rhubarb brings a nostalgic flavour and a delicious tart edge to this refreshing medium fruit cider.  Serve well chilled with slices of strawberry.

Real Cider with Raspberry

Raspberry Fruit Cider

With pure raspberry juice from local growers, this fruit cider is dry and flavoursome and makes a refreshing treat for the grown-up palate.  We recommend serving well-chilled in a stemmed glass.  Add frozen berries if you serve to impress.

These 2 new fruit ciders are medium sweet so make a good choice to accompany fruity summer desserts.  Only they are too good to wait until dessert before opening a bottle!  Freshly loaded on our online shop and available at an introductory 10% discount for a limited time only!

We hope your summer plans include plenty of occasions to relax, enjoy some sunshine and pop open a bottle of cider or 2.  But rest-assured that with a glass of our new fruit cider and a big bowl of strawberries, you can enjoy a taste of summer whatever the weather!

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